BRAC University Global Model United Nation (BUGMUN) is a signature event of IABC| BRAC University and is regarded as one of the finest Model United Nations in the country. In addition, it bears the reputation of being the country’s only residential MUN. The first ever BUGMUN was hosted in 2014 and it spanned 4 days and 3 nights, boasting of over 400 delegates from 19 countries and 12 committees with the most elevated panels ever to frame a MUN in Bangladesh. Its slogan was ‘Post 2015: Envisioning a Better Future for the World’. The success and acclaim received by BUGMUN ‘14 resulted in the event to be organized once again, its motto this time being – ‘Protocols of Tomorrow: A Sanctuary for Visionaries’. In 2016, the event was held over the length of 5 days and 4 nights, and it comprised of 400 delegates who joined from all over the world. 14 committees were presented at this MUN which established a new record of the highest number of committees ever to be hosted by a Bangladeshi MUN conference. BUGMUN returned yet again in 2017 in a scale much grander than it had ever been before, with the theme – ‘Conforming to Egalitarianism: Provision for Consolidated Global Prosperity’. Spread over 4 days and 3 nights, the conference consisted of 12 committees, two of which were newly introduced. A few foreigners, along with several hundred Bangladeshi nationals, took part in the event as both delegates and panel members, enriching the diverse spirit of BUGMUN. As a conference which presented its delegates with a challenge through its thought-provoking agendas and as a consequence of which, its panel members with quality intellectual discourse, BUGMUN ’17 was acclaimed as a success. It surpassed all expectations and quickly cemented its position as one of the most highly regarded MUN conferences in the country.

In BUGMUN, diplomacy didn’t just end with the end of committee sessions. Diplomacy was preached and practiced beyond that, when the delegates conversed with one another during the socials or when they sat down to dine with their fellows or when they shared a room with their peers. That all problems could be solved without spreading hatred or violence is the message that BUGMUN wanted to convey and it encouraged its delegates to exercise tact and show empathy. The delegates’ dedication, enthusiasm and diplomatic prowess was represented by the chits that were passed late into the nights, all in the effort to hash out problems, find some common ground and formulate solutions. BUGMUN taught its delegates that just as showing kindness doesn’t hurt, diplomacy knows no borders.

BUGMUN has always been a grand affair. In its effort to make BUGMUN a wholesome experience, IABC has always given equal priority to committee sessions and social events. Thus, the social events that the previous BUGMUNs have hosted have been as equally exhilarating as its committee sessions, if not more. The decorated socials have consisted of open-mic nights, inter-committee football matches, concerts with renowned musicians, Gala dinners – to name a few of the attractions. These events, along with the gracious hospitality provided in BRAC’s residential campus, have made for an extraordinary experience.

Initially, IABC | BRAC University’s goal was to introduce a quality MUN conference in Bangladesh which would be comparable to those which took place abroad. Through BUGMUN, it hoped to achieve and maintain those international standards, and at the same time provide youths with a platform to voice their opinions and communicate effectively to find resolutions for problems that plagued humanity. Over the years, BUGMUN has proved to be more than just a MUN conference. It is a unique experience in which much is learned, new friendships are forged and a lifetime’s worth of memories are made. BUGMUN’s mission, in regards to its conference, has always been to uphold the highest standard of MUNs, preach and practice diplomacy, and contribute to the betterment of the society through enlightenment.

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