1. What is BRAC University Residential Campus?

Brac University’s (BracU) Residential Semester (RS) at Savar campus is unique amongst higher education experiences in Bangladesh. The RS offers a holistic curriculum based on the principle of ‘experiential learning’, which cultivates a broad range of soft skills and qualities, to compliment the theoretical development that students undergo. The conference’s intensive programs (delivered mainly in English) help to develop rounded individuals, whose improved leadership skills, ability to independently face challenges, and proficiency in English will better prepare them to face the challenges of higher education (and eventually give them a competitive edge in the job market). The Residential Semester takes place at a specially designed campus in Savar, which provides a support system that aids students in becoming confident and self-reliant.

2. Why is BUGMUN held in Residential Campus?

BUGMUN itself being a intensive conference has critical crisis moments too for which delegates would need to cooperate with their colleagues in the same compound and therefore we decided to chose a venue which has all facilities in one boundary. Including the accommodation for the delegates, along with the numerous classrooms, an extensive auditorium, it also includes two enormous fields and a sumptuous dining facility for the daily meals. Lastly, for the ease of the delegates it also includes a prodigious library and laboratory which will allow the delegates to do extensive research with proficiency.

3. Why is Residential Campus considered to be the best place for BUGMUN?

As the name says it, BRAC University Global Model United Nations, it is the largest event hosted in BRAC University and therefore where else to host it rather than the most celebrated venue of BRAC University, TARC (BRAC University Residential Campus). Our effort is to provide the delegates of all institutions, the ecstatic experience of the residential campus of BRAC University at its best and therefore we always prefer TARC over any than other venue.

4. What are the facilities provided in Residential Campus?

It has two dormitories, an imperial dining, two colossal fields, several well-equipped classrooms, an extensive library etc. There are laboratories as well with internet connection in each, ideal for all the research and knowledge empowerment. TARC also has a medical centre to attend to anyone who’s injured or sick.

5. Will there be any catering services for the delegates?

Yes, a moreish meal will be provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with snacks. The menu includes Chinese, thai and Bengali cuisine. There is a store in front of a field where delegates can buy snacks at any time.

6. What are the accommodation options?

BRAC University residential campus has two spacious, cosy dormitories with clean washrooms in each and room service facilities. The rooms are cleaned everyday to maintain the hygienic environment. Also, every room will be shared by three delegates each. 

7.Why is BUGMUN held as a residential MUN conference? -

BUGMUN is a very intense MUN conference which goes on during the day and extended its intensity ( as per necessity and crisis) to after midnight. Due to critical crises some moderated caucus sessions are held post dinner and socials. No other Model UN conference in the country can provide a MUNing experience as extensive as this.. There are constant chit passing even from the dormitories. At BUGMUN, diplomacy start the minute one opens their eyes and continues 24/7 till the very last day of BUGMUN’s conference sessions.

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